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The Michigan Chronicle and Radio One present the inaugural Best in Black Awards – Detroit.  In an effort to recognize and celebrate the most outstanding local African-American businesses, community organizations, entrepreneurs, entertainers and individuals in southeastern Michigan, the Awards serve as a marketing and recognition platform for those individuals and companies while ultimately encouraging the community’s next generation of business leaders.

 Best in Black gives the community a true voice in identifying and elevating the businesses they most support. It’s an innovative way to poll the community about these businesses and organizations with the best brands and reputations. It is a platform where by The Michigan Chronicle and Radio One can promote and celebrate the businesses that ultimately support us.

Nominations – July 13 to Aug. 19

Voting – August 29 to Sept. 23

The top three in each category are invited to the awards event where the winners will be announced.

On October 20, 2016 we will host a high energy interactive and entertaining black-tie awards event announcing and honoring the 2016 winners.

A special section in the October 19, 2016 edition of the Michigan Chronicle will highlight the top finalists and sponsors.


1. Best Attorney 
2. Best Elected Official

1. Best Bar/Club/Lounge
2. Best Restaurant 
3. Best Food Franchise

1. Best School Teacher
2. Best School Principal 
3. Best Marching Band 
4. Best High School
5. Best High School Coach
6. Best High School Athlete 
7. Best Sorority
8. Best Fraternity

1. Best Photographer/Videographer
2. Best Caterer 
3. Best Car Dealership 
4. Best Car Wash/Auto Detailing 
5. Best Hair Salon 
6. Best Cosmetologist 
7. Best Barber Shop 
8. Best Barber 
9. Best Nail Technician
10. Best Make-Up Artist 
11. Best Personal Trainer
12. Best Clothing Store
13. Best Clothing Line/Designer
14. Best Local Producer 
15. Best Tattoo Artist
16. Best Retail Business
17.  Best Service Business
18.  Best Business Product

1. Best News Anchor 
2. Best Instagram Personality
3. Best Club Promoter
4. Best Local Artist
5. Best Comedian
6. Best Live Band
7. Best Local Film

1. Best Gospel/Church Choir
2. Best Pastor
3. Best Church
4. Best First Lady


1. To be eligible for the Best in Black Awards, a business/organization or individual must meet all qualifications in their respective categories, and the business or individual should reside or operate within Wayne County, Oakland County or Macomb County.
2. The Business/Organization must be Black owned (the majority owner must be African-American). 
3. Individuals i.e. Comedians, TV personality, cosmetologists, barbers, etc. nominated must be African-American.
4. Local Film and Producers must produce work locally and feature local talent in lead roles.
5. Winners are selected by receiving the highest number of votes. The company, person, or organization ("candidate") with the most votes in a particular category will receive the Best in Black award. There can only be one winner for each category. Votes are counted accordingly and cannot be transferred from one contest or category to another.
6. One nomination entry for each category per day with a valid email address can be submitted during the nominations process. 
7. One vote per day with a valid email address can be submitted during the voting process.

Contest Terms and Conditions:

1. Online ballots only list the candidates that have nominated.
2. Nominations are accumulated via writing in their selections in the appropriate space under each category. Votes are accumulated through online voting. Online totals are generated through voters choosing one of the candidates listed. If a voter writes in the name of a candidate already listed, that write-in vote is added to their overall total. Due to spelling errors, best efforts are made to standardize the write-in nominations to match an existing business. The final total for each candidate is determined by the compiled total of all online votes. Vote totals will not be published.
3. It is the intention of the Michigan Chronicle and Radio One to present the awards in each category posted; however, a candidate (Best In Black participant or write-in) must receive a minimum of fifty (50) votes to receive any award. If no one receives that minimum, the Michigan Chronicle and Radio One reserve the right to eliminate the category and not announce any winners. The right to award is also reserved depending on the minimum vote total received by the candidates. 
4. The Michigan Chronicle and Radio One will not present awards to companies that are not located within southeastern Michigan (Wayne County, Oakland County and Macomb County) for which they won.
5. The Michigan Chronicle and Radio One will not present awards to companies (Best In Black participant or write-in) with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) letter grade of F. The Michigan Chronicle will verify the BBB letter grades at the end of the Best In Black voting period on
6. Nominations will run from July 13 through August 19. Voting will run from August 29 through September 23, 2016. The online voting site will only be active during this time. 
7. The Michigan Chronicle and Radio One reserve the right to determine what categories will be included in the contest.
8. The Michigan Chronicle and Radio One reserve the right to refuse votes for businesses, individuals or organizations that are deemed not appropriate for the category for which they were cast.
9. The Best In Black Contest is the sole property of the Michigan Chronicle. The Michigan Chronicle reserves the right to, among other things, amend the process, judge entries and determine the validity of the nominations submitted. In the case of suspected fraudulent nomination, reserved rights and possible actions may include, without limitation: utilization of methods necessary to determine the validity of nominations; the removal of the category from the contest; disqualifying the fraudulent nominations; disqualifying the recipient of the fraudulent nominations in that category or any other; disqualifying that company from future contests for any period of time; and possible litigation.
10. Any amendments to the rules and regulations of these contests will be published on this site.

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